Anna Wong

Bar Admissions
2010 (Ontario)
2021-2023, MPhil, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, UK
2006-2009, Faculty of Law, Queen’s University, Juris Doctor
2003-2005, University of Western, MA in Media Studies
 1999-2003, University of Western, BA (Gold Medalist)


Anna has over a dozen years of experience in civil and administrative litigation. Before joining Weintraub Erskine Huang LLP, she worked as a regulatory prosecutor for both a federal and a provincial authority, prosecuting professional misconduct and capacity-related cases. Anna also practised as an associate and then as a partner at an established litigation boutique firm, where she acted for businesses and individuals in commercial and contract litigation, employment matters, real estate disputes, professional negligence, will and estate litigation, and class proceedings. Anna provides clients with personalized attention, goal-oriented advice, and strategic representation in court.

Anna is an educator and author, with a graduate degree from the University of Oxford, Faculty of Law. She teaches Canadian administrative law at the Master’s level, and has presented at educational programs put on by organizations such as the Law Society of Ontario and the Society of Ontario Adjudicators and Regulators. Anna clerked with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Her articles have been cited with approval by various courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada.

Committed to professional excellence, Anna is active in the legal community. She serves as a Board Director of the Toronto Lawyers’ Association and the Federation of Ontario Law Associations, and as Chair of The Advocates’ Society’s Administrative and Regulatory Law Practice Group.

Anna speaks Mandarin and Cantonese.


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